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The Lesson of Speaking the Truth for Trainers (English Version)

The Lesson of Speaking the Truth for Trainer (English Version)

Today, 15 April 2015, we as ELT/PLT are enlightened by Mr. Didi (Retmono Adi) as “Psychodrama” expert who share the process as a learning method.

After warming up session, we are asked to play a role. At that time, I had misunderstanding about the facilitator’s instruction. Actually, we’re asked to choose to imagine a man or a woman as “representation” who will get our apologized. The person can be your sister, brother, partner or any person outside the group.

But, what have I been done?

I choose one of ELT that ever be my partner in former company, name her as “C”. It is 5 years ago and I never have a time to say goodbye at that time and it is bother me during the role play session.

The interesting point is, I do not ask her to be someone else. I imagine her just the way she is. During the session, I just realize my mistake when people after my session ask somebody else in the group to become as his wife, parent whom already pass away, step sister.

What about me? I was chosen to become a business partner who ever cheat my friend in the group.

It is amazing. I did not know my partner very well. At the first time, I don’t feel comfortable with my new role. Me as a traitor? No Way. But then, during the moment I found that apologize is a natural human being. I have to finish that role as a traitor for the noble purpose. I remain calm and say “Thank you” at the end of the role play. Give thanks for apologize, for the things that I never experience, fell and do but we should act that to help the healing process for the members in the group.

That is psychodrama.

After role play session, we sit around and the facilitator ask us to tell about the feeling during the “role play session” one by one.

At my turn, I speak the truth about what I have been done and feel, I ask my friend as herself and I am as myself, for I forgive for conflicts that may happen as partners and not to separate nicely as a friend.

One thing that amaze me that I am dare to speak the truth. As a trainer, it is not easy to admit that I have done a mistake. I feel superior for anything, one level above the audience, especially in the training room.

As told by the Psychodrama Facilitator, Mr. Didi, we can change the role. We are that supposed to be a trainer, becoming an audience, at this ELT/PLT meeting, we can enjoy our role as a participant instead of trainer, so we can have an equal role.

I have several points to share in this “psychodrama” practices.

First, although I misinterpret the message from the facilitator, I truly can be myself and my friends as herself and we both can solve the unfinished business five years ago. At the end of the session, we shake hand and really giving apologies to each other. Not only spontaneous action, one thing that only you imagine, becoming reality and we get the purpose, finish the unfinished relationship.

Second, I really speak the truth about my feeling at the sharing session. I can choose to cover my mistake actually, by telling my friend could be someone else, my sister or brother. Nobody knows, but this is the integrity point. For me, better I speak the truth that I misinterpret the message. My friend take a role as herself, not somebody else. I have a better impact for I feel great after the play, we can forgive each other that giving more benefit for us, especially for me.

At last, I have an affirmation from this psychodrama that it is important for us to speak the truth, feeling normal, spontaneous and not to pretend, especially when we act as a trainer. As a trainer, many people said that we (ELT/PLT) are distinct from other trainers. Beside we give much variation method in our training, giving examples and giving more impacts for the participants. Even we tell our own experiences to support the learning retention for the participants. Those things have already been make them excite, plus “psychodrama”?

Hmm, guess yourself.

Have a nice try and I personally give thanks to facilitator and MWS.

Surya Rachmannuh, PLT.

Surya is a Professional Licensed Trainer from MWS International. Certifited Problem Solving and Decision Making from Kepner Tregoe, 4DX and 7 Habit Licensed Trainer, Leadership from Dale Carnegie, a Million Leadership Mandate from John C. Maxwell. Saat ini Surya melayani sebagai Internal Trainer (Grustler) disebuah perusahaan FMCG Indonesia, juga sebagai Certified Auditor / Assessor from SGS for Quality Management. You can contact him at 0858 8228 0303 or BB 20F0 8757.

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